iHelpdesk - Help Desk You Love

Easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable help desk software.
Version 3.0 Build 1716

iHelpdesk is a web-based help desk software. It can help you keep track of issues, reduce manual effort in resolving problems and improve service quality.


  • Improve customer service perception and satisfaction.
  • Increase accessibility through a single point of contact, communication, and information.
  • Increase productivity of support staff by automating processes, policies, and tasks.
  • Improve teamwork and communication.
  • Reduce IT support costs.

Major features:

  • Email Management

    Manage emails from multiple sources. Built-in rules-based engine for automating processing of tickets. Full email-to-service request integration, with all emails converted to request tickets.

  • Request & Problem Management

    Label, categorize, and track requests and problems.

  • Self-Service Portal

    Users can manage service requests via the customer portal.

  • Report

    Extensive report capabilities for system data monitoring and identifying trends.

  • FAQ Knowledge Base

    Users can create and search FAQ documents. It facilitates quick resolution of problems and saves time.


iHelpdesk is available in two editions. Free edition allows one staff. Professional edition allows multiple staffs but only one customer.