SNMP Agent Simulator

Version 4.2 Build 4220

iReasoning SNMP Agent Simulator is a Java based application that can simulate SNMPv1/v2c/v3 agents. Since it is written in pure Java, it can run on all the platforms that have Java Virtual Machine installed, including Unix, Linux, Windows, etc. It allows you to develop, test and train SNMP management applications without purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware devices.

Typical applications of SNMP simulator include:

  • Developers and testers of management applications can do their jobs without real SNMP agents. SNMP simulators can act like real SNMP agents and are more flexible than them because data file of simulators can be easily modified to simulate different cases.
  • Sales and training staff can give live demonstrations in laptop computers without the needs of carrying heavy network devices. Complex networks can be easily simulated in one laptop.

Major features:

  • Ease of use
  • Record and replay SNMP devices. Values of SNMP agent MIB nodes can be recorded into XML file through GUI or command line interface. Recorded data file can be modified to simulate different configurations.
  • Multiple agents in one JVM
  • Complete SNMPv1, v2c and v3 (USM and VACM) support
  • Support for dynamic row creation and deletion
  • Support for BeanShell scripting language that is used in data file to model real time SNMP agent behavior
  • Trap simulation
  • Error simulation
  • Scalability. The number of agents on one computer is dependent on available system resources
  • Community/Context indexing (Different data for different communities or SNMPv3 contexts)
  • IPv6 support

SNMP Agent Data Recorder (Freeware)

SNMP data recorder is a standalone windows tool that can record SNMP agent walk data into an XML file, which can be added to SNMP agent simulator as data file. We offer two editions:

  • More powerful GUI tool. It supports SNMPv3 and continuous recording.
  • Small command line tool without SNMPv3 support. After you download and unzip it, type "recorder.exe" for its usage.
Both of them are totally free to use and redistribute.