iReasoning SNMP Agent Simulator FAQ

Q. What SNMP versions are supported by SNMP Agent Simulator?
A. The Snmp Agent Simulator provides complete support for SNMPv1/v2c/v3.

Q. How's the SNMPv3 support?
A. iReasoning SNMP library fully supports SNMPv3, including the complete VACM and USM security model (HMAC-MD5, HMAC-SHA, CBC-DES, CFB128-AES-128). It has successfully passed a number of interoperability tests with other SNMPv3 vendors and their SNMPv3 implementations. Now it is used as a de-facto reference SNMPv3 implementation for other implementers.

Q. How do I run sample simulators?
A. There are two ways to start sample agents located at examples directory. Firstly, you need to edit IP addresses in the all.prj file. Change IP addresses to the ones valid on your machine. One way is to use simulator GUI to load all.prj. The other way is to use bin\runSimulator.bat script to start it on command line.

Q. Can I customize the behavior of simulated agents?
A. Yes. You can use scripting language similar to javascript to customize the agents.

For example, you want to make sysUpTime object not static and represent agent's uptime. Open the corresponding data XML file. And change sysUpTime node to:

<Instance oid="." valueType="TimeTicks">
    <Value isSimpleScript="y"><![CDATA[getSysUpTime()]]></Value>

Where getSysUpTime() is a built-in function to return the system uptime.

Q. How can I use SNMP Agent Simulator to simulate multiple devices with different IP addresses on one machine?
A. You can take a look at the examples/all.prj file. It is a project file which contains multiple agents bound to different IP addresses. When this project file is loaded by simulator and started, those agents will listen on different IP addresses.

You can use simulator GUI to create project file. Or you can use your favorite text editor to do it manually.

To create virtual IP on a single machine, please refer to this page.

Q. What kind of devices can be simulated?
A. Any devices or applications with SNMP agent can be simulated.

Q. How many agents can be simulated simultaneously on one machine?
A. There is no retriction in our code. It depends on computer resources and available IP addresses on one computer.

Q. Does SNMP agent simulator require the MIBs in order to record device values?
A. No.