Java TL1 API 3.0

TL1 (Transaction Language 1) is an ASCII or man-machine management protocol defined by Bellcore. It is used to manage most of the optical, broadband, and access equipment in North America. iReasoning TL1 library is a set of Java based APIs providing complete support for building TL1 management applications. It hides the complexity of TL1 protocol from engineers so they do not have to understand all the details of TL1 protocol. Because many vendors TL1 agents follow telecordia standards loosely, some other vendors TL1 libraries can not manage TL1 agents which have slightly different implementations. iReasoning TL1 library has a flexible architecture which can adapt to different implementations of TL1 agents easily. Check out user guide and javadoc for more information.

Major features:

  • Robust handling of TL1 responses
  • Thread-safe and optimized for multi-thread environments
  • Support for both synchronous and asynchronous operations
  • Support for handling of login banner screens
  • Support for handling of huge performance data
  • Socket and SSH support
  • IPv6 support