Package com.ireasoning.protocol.snmp

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is the industry standard for managing networks.


Interface Summary
AgentXConst This class contains AgentX specific constants.
PacketSender For sending out packet
SnmpBaseGroupMBean This is the MBean interface of SnmpBaseGroup class
SnmpConst This class stores SNMP specific constants for user to use.
SnmpDataType This class is the interface which all SNMP data type classes should implement.
SnmpEntryStatus This class contains constants of SMIv1 EntryStatus code
SnmpErrorStatus This class contains a collection of error status code of SNMPv1/v2c
SnmpRowStatus This class contains constants of SMIv2 RowStatus code
SnmpTableMBean The MBean interface of SnmpTable class
SubAgentSession This class represents a AgentX subagent session

Class Summary
AgentEvent An event object indicates event occurred on agent side
AgentStats A collection of objects providing basic instrumentation and control of an SNMP entity.
AgentUsmStats SNMPv3 USM stats counters.
BasicOIDTreeNode Basic OIDTreeNode
DefaultAgentConfig This class represents agent's configuration settings.
HostValue This class is a data structure storing host name and value of SNMP request
MibUtil This class provides methods for parsing MIBs, translating numeric format oid to text format, translating numeric value to text value, lookup oid based on mib node name.
MsgSecurityParameters This class represents v3 Security Parameters
NameValue This class is a data structure which stores name and value pair.
OIDTreeNode Tree representing MIB structure.
ProxyEntry Proxy entry in the agent config settings
SnmpAgentConfig This class represents agent's XML configuration data.
SnmpAgentX This class provides support for AgentX protocol, a master/subagent architecture specified in RFC 2741.
SnmpBaseAgent This class is the base class for Snmp Agent implementation.
SnmpBaseGroup This class is the base class of Snmp group objects, such as system group in RFC1213
SnmpBaseSession This class provides basic methods of SNMP session implementation.
SnmpBits This class represents SMIv2 BITS data type.
SnmpCounter32 The class represents snmp Counter32 type object.
SnmpCounter64 This class represents snmp Counter64 type.
SnmpDateAndTime This class represents the DateAndTime data type as defined in SNMPV2-TC
SnmpEngine This class represents SNMP Engine concept as defined in SNMPv3.
SnmpError This class contains SNMP error information: errorIndex and errorStatus
SnmpGauge32 This class represents 32-bit Snmp Gauge32 type object.
SnmpInform This class represents SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 Inform type object.
SnmpInt This class represents 32-bit Snmp integer.
SnmpIpAddress This class represents Snmp IpAddress data type.
SnmpNull This class represents Snmp NULL object.
SnmpOctetString This class represents Snmp OCTET STRING data type.
SnmpOID This class represents Snmp OBJECT IDENTIFIER object.
SnmpOpaque This class represents Snmp Opaque data type.
SnmpPdu This class represents SNMP Protocol Data Unit (PDU).
SnmpPoller This class launches a new thread and does periodical SNMP polling against agent.
SnmpSession This class implements a session for sending/receiving snmp message.
SnmpTable This class is the base class of Snmp Table classes, such as IfTable in RFC1213.
SnmpTableEntry This class represents SNMP table entry (row)
SnmpTableModel This class is the data representation of a MIB table.
SnmpTarget This class represents Snmp agent, containing properties of agent, such as host name, port number, community name.
SnmpTimeTicks This class represents Snmp TimeTicks type object.
SnmpTrap This class represents SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 trap type object.
SnmpTrapdSession Trap receiver class, a daemon session collecting SNMPv1, v2 and v3 trap and SNMPv2/v3 inform messages.
SnmpTrapSender This class is used for sending SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 traps.
SnmpUInt This class represents an 32-bit snmp unsigned integer object.
SnmpV1Trap This class represents SNMPv1 Trap message.
SnmpV2Notification This class represents SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 Notification type object, including trap and inform requests.
SnmpV3TrapSink This class represents an SNMPV3 trap sink properties
SnmpVarBind This class represents Snmp Variable binding object.
SnmpVarBindList This class implements a list which contains SnmpVarBind instances.
SubagentEvent An event object indicates the state changes of subagent
TcpPacketSender For sending out TCP packets.
TrapSink This class represents the trapSink XML node in config file
UdpPacketSender For sending out UDP packets.
UsmUser This class represents user information (in SNMPV3)
VarBindContainer This class implements a container of SnmpVarBind instances.

Exception Summary
SnmpBufferOverflowException This class represents buffer overflow exception.
SnmpDecodingException An SnmpDecodingException is raised when something wrong is detected during decoding process.
SnmpEncodingException SnmpEncodingException is raised when something wrong is detected in the encoding process.
SnmpException General Snmp exception.

Package com.ireasoning.protocol.snmp Description

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is the industry standard for managing networks. It is widely suppported in IP, storage, optical networks. iReasoning SNMP library is the industry leading SNMP library, which provides a high performance, cross platform Java API for building network management applications. All SNMP versions (SNMPv1, SNMPv2c andd SNMPv3) are fully supported. It is written in Java, and designed from the ground up to support all SNMP versions. There is no legacy code which only for a certain version of SNMP protocol. All code base are highly optimized to maximize performance and minimize overhead.


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