"I'm using your "Agent Builder" (eval version, but I've already convinced mgt. to buy a licensed copy) and it is VERY nice work! I've been coding a LONG time in over 26 languages and I like your approach to SNMP Agents (I've created, from scratch, 4 SNMP agents over the years)."
- Project Lead, Akamai Technologies

"That's what I call support! A reply email within 5 minutes of sending a request."
- Senior Software Engineer (MTS), Avaya Inc.

"Your current SnmpTable interface is excellent and it is very easy to add support for a new table with very little work."
- Team Lead, McData Corp.

"Your support team is awesome. I have never seen any company with such fast responses."
"your tools and support are great. even though I am just beginning to develop snmp applications, your generated agent code makes it easy."
- Senior Software Engineer, Lightsurf Technologies

"You guys are awesome, wow that was a quick turnaround, and a new distribution too :). I got the new distribution and working and it is compiling fine. .. Again thanks a ton for the quick response, much appreciated."
- Intermediate Developer, Core Networks Inc.

"I have been using your SNMP library distribution for several weeks in a row. Having tested other SNMP libraries on the market, I have no other option but to admit: your library is simply the best. It gives you a quick start (our first fully working application was made in a few minutes, even starting from scratch), solid documentation and rich, logical API... My SnmpCollector application for leased lines traffic monitoring works without a glitch for more than a month."
- Development Team Leader, Datagate Network Solutions Ltd.