SysUpTime MSP (Distributed) Edition

The best tool for MSP and distributed enterprise networks

The SysUpTime MSP edition provides a complete solution for managed service providers (MSPs) and organizations with multiple sites to monitor any number of remote networks from a single central site.

The MSP edition has the full functionality of the standard non-MSP edition - expanded with capabilities to monitor networks in distributed sites, and their usages are almost the same.

For MSP edition, SysUpTime server needs to be installed on both central and remote sites. Users can use both web client and standalone client to connect to the master or probe servers. Users connected to the probe server only have READ privilege so that they can not modify server settings. Admin users connected to the master server have full privileges, that is, they can configure both master and probes, including network discovery, creating/modifying performance monitors, etc.

The probes are located at remote sites, collecting performance data and performing network discovery. They connect to the master server over secure SSL. All data exchanged between probes and master is encrypted.

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