Package com.ireasoning.protocol.tl1

TL1 (Transaction Language 1) is an ASCII or man-machine management protocol defined by Bellcore.


Interface Summary
TL1AckCode This class is a collection of TL1 ack codes.
TL1AlarmCode This class is a collection of TL1 alarm codes, which indicate the alarm severity
TL1CompletionCode This class is a collection of TL1 completion codes.
TL1OutputMsgType This class is a collection of output message types
TL1TerminationCode This class is a collection of TL1 termination codes.

Class Summary
TL1AckMsg This class represents the TL1 ACK message.
TL1Command This class is used to create a TL1 Command.
TL1Date This class represents the date in TL1 response header.
TL1Field This class represents fields in the TL1 payload data.
TL1Line This class represents each line in payload.
TL1NotificationMsg This class represents TL1 autonomous message.
TL1OutputMsg This class is the base class of all the TL1 output messages.
TL1OutputParser This class is to parse TL1 output message.
TL1ResponseMsg This class is a representation of the non-autonomous message.
TL1Section This class represents section in TL1 payload.
TL1Session This class represents an open sesssion between TL1 agent and manager.
TL1Time This class represents the time in TL1 response header.
TL1Util This class is a utility class containing some helper methods.

Exception Summary
TL1Exception General TL1 exception
TL1FormattingException This exception is raised when the format of TL1 command is not correct.
TL1ParsingException Any parsing exception caught when parsing the request or response

Package com.ireasoning.protocol.tl1 Description

TL1 (Transaction Language 1) is an ASCII or man-machine management protocol defined by Bellcore. It is used to manage most of the optical, broadband, and access equipment in North America. iReasoning TL1 library is a set of Java based APIs providing complete support for building TL1 management applications. It hides the complexity of TL1 protocol from engineers so they do not have to understand all the details of TL1 protocol. Because many vendor TL1 agent follow telecordia GR-833 loosly, some other vendors TL1 library can not manage TL1 agents which have slightly different implemetation. iReasoning TL1 library has a flexible architecture which can adapt to different implemetations of TL1 agents easily.


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